It’s hard to believe that a 21st century woman would make such a statement. I know, I’m shaking my head at myself, but it’s true – looks really do matter.  First impressions are lasting and one of our most impressionable senses is our eyes (even for those with compromised or lost sight, other senses intensify and create a “visual” mental image (if you will) to help the brain process, assimilate and understand signals that are received.  Because of the strength and lasting nature of these first-encounter visual images, it is critically  important that every business appearance positively represent our brand image and reinforces our business message.

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Small business around the globe have achieved and maintained brand dominance and competitive advantage in their local marketplace through the use of social-media tools and platforms.  Though terms such as: Tweets; Likes; @mentions; podcast; and vlogging may sound like a foreign language to you – learning your way around this new terrain can be easier than you think.   Sharing your business product and services through social media platforms can be as easy as typing “Good Morning World!” as you sip your morning brew.   Before you know it, your casual morning greeting will become an engaging conversation where began to share your expertise and product knowledge to those looking to learn about and purchase locally the products or services you have to offer.  In a nutshell, this is what blogging and social media is all about, becoming engaged in the community around you, sharing and exchanging your expertise and product offerings.

Now, has made blogging easier than ever by encouraging you, me and millions of others to join forces and support each other in the 2011  Post-A-Day Challenge.  In addition to providing FREE user-friendly, turn-key blog sites, WordPress has committed to helping us blog every day by sending daily tips, ideas and suggestions to help get us started and continuing to blog.

I know you, like me, have never turned away from a healthy, legal and positive challenge, especially not one that can help you achieve your business goals.  So join me and the community of WordPress Bloggers in accepting the 2011 Post-A-Day Challenge!  Now listen, don’t worry about getting help along the way.  Just subscribe to this post and rest assured that we’ll be in this together helping each other along the way!  You can also follow me @SherylWoods on Twitter.

I look forward to exceeding our goals together in 2011!