Social Media Marketing BullhornSocia l Media Marketing:

Social Media Marketing is the process of promoting your products and services through social media platforms like  Faceboook; YouTube; LinkedIn; Twitter; and Blogs.  6 Degrees Marketing Solutions will help you build and man age b usiness br anded profiles in each space.  Our internet marketing strategists will use our proven strategic planning process to help you define quantifiable goals and objectives for your online marketing efforts.  Next, we’ll develo p a program specific to your industry, target market and objectives to achieve your goals.

Search Marketing:Internet Search Marketing

Search marketing is the process of showing up on the search engine result page when searchers enter a specific key-word or phrase.  Showing up in key-word searches related to your products and services can be a trick y, time-consuming and expensive initiative.  Managing bid pricing; selecting the right key-words; and targeting searchers most likely to buy yo ur products and services can be a full time effort.  Our search marketing specialist have direct experience managing and achieving proven results in pay-per-click campaigns.


Creating and managing a business blog can be an intimidating endeavor.  Especially if you don’t have a professional copy-writer on staff.   Blogging can be  used to establish your business as the “place to go” for the particular product or service you offer.   6 Degrees Marketing Solutions offers a turn-key blog service.   We can set-up, write & post articles; and monitor comments on your business blog.  Our copy-writers are specifically trained in internet writing so your articles are more likely to be found through internet searches.

Landing Page Development:

Driving traffic to a web page is only half the battle.  Getting them to stay and become involved with your business is the true objective of every internet marketing effort.  A Land ing Page is the place searches are directed when they click on a link; listing or advertisement online.  We will work with you to design effective Landing Pages that are most likely to give you the opportunity to establish a business relationship with  site visitors.



In the online space content is king.  Getting found, establishing expertise, and gaining respect as an industry leader is all accomplished by your com panies’  online co ntent.  Online cont ent co uld be your web  page; blog; tweets; or FaceBook Fan Page.  All of these things represent  and speak for you to people who are evaluating your product and services.  Our professional copy-write rs are not only great writers, but they are also search marketers.  This means, that the copy written is specifically designed to help the piece appear in online searches; encourage a reader to engage your business; and help establish your company as a subject-matter expert in the online space.



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