Absolutely Not! – Do NOT Put All Your Eggs in One Basket!!!

Courtesy of WebGuru Infosystems

With recent reports showing Facebook’s dominance as the place to be online, many businesses seem to be contemplating replacing their company websites with Facebook Fan Pages or at least directing more focus and business traffic  to Facebook and away from their website.  While Facebook is a leading relationship marketing tool it is by no means the only tool that should be used to develop and grow business relationships. In the article “Social Media: Are Facebook Pages Replacing Websites?” Pauliina Jamsa ask if it’s time to pull the plug on the company website.  Marketing professionals around the globe, , like myself,  responded with a resounding NO!!! By no means should a company compromise its online brand appearance  by limiting its primary presence to one social media channel.

Here are three basic reasons why you should not replace your website with a Facebook Page (and there are many more than these!):

  1. You OWN your website – you do not own your Facebook page.
  2. You CONTROL the who, what, where, when, why and how of your website – in Facebook-land you must play by their rules.
  3. Your Facebook page will only live as long as Facebook lives.

Today, changes in media platforms occur at the speed of light, in the effort to keep up with the latest trends in online traffice its easy to get caught up in the hype and neglect the need to maintain a stable online base.  The business website is just that – a home base – a central location from which marketing messages can push out or be directed to.  For example a Facebook marketing campaign can garner new leads through ‘Likes’ and mass broadcast a promotional brand message and then re-direct visitors to the business web-site to execute some sort of actionable item like subscribe to a blog; join a mailing list;  or request more information.  You can even set-up a game, like a treasure-hunt where customers start at your Facebook page but then must navigate through your website to find clues and ultimately collect some sort of prize.

The bottom line here is that a successful internet marketing program is one that integrates a symphony of media channels like Facebook – Twitter – Blogs – Business Website – Email- Search Marketing – and offline media to attract, engage and retain your customer’s attention.  Today’s business marketer must not forsake one for the other but rather leverage the power of them all blended together.

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