We have all heard the adage that failing to plan is a plan to fail yet many of us engage or chose not engage in social media marketing without any plan at all.   Business brands at all phases of development (new, growing, established brand awareness) deliberately choose not to develop an internet or social media marketing plan. A 2010 social media report revealed that nearly 60% of responding companies using social media platforms do so without a strategic plan in place [DBE 2010 Corporate Social Media Report].

Whether your business uses social media for public relations communications; sales related activities;  human resources operations (i.e. recruitment, training, retention) or customer service, a strategic plan is critical for the proper representation of your business brand.   Without a cohesive plan in place, businesses can not:

  • control the brand message shared on social media channels
  • achieve a stated objective for engagement on social media channels
  • truly measure the outcome (good, bad or indifferent) of brand engagement on social media channels

A basic 4 Step Plan for Your Social Media Engagementplan for social media engagement should include:

  • Listening: spend time observing current conversations about your brand or business industry
  • Goals: define specific objective to be achieved through social media engagement (i.e. build brand awareness; generate leads; respond to customer needs and inquiries)
  • Tracking and Measuring: take note of the results from your activity on social media channels and adjust your strategy to achieve best possible results

A passive reactionary position on social media channels is not a planned engagement and will at worse damage your brand or at best make your brand seem invisible in the online space which will ultimately diminish brand awareness and value.

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