Affordable Online Marketing Solutions For Local Businesses

Building Customer Relationships One Connection At A Time

6 Degrees Marketing Solutions helps local businesses get customers through online marketing tools.  Kevin Bacon’s 6 Degrees of Separation popularized the human-web theory that says there are only 6 degrees of separation between any two human beings.  The 6 Degrees of Separation concept goes on to say that individual relationships form human bridges reaching around the world able to connect any one person to everyone.  6 Degrees Marketing Solutions applies this same ideology to marketing strategies by leveraging the internet and social media communication tools to carry business messages throughout the local community.

Modern day communication tools like email, text messages and social media channels  delivering messages with a click of a mouse have replaced mail and telegraph services that often tooks days if not weeks to be received.  Because of this,  those businesses who know how to use these tools to promote their messages are heard first and loudest while those who can not are rarely if ever heard at all.

6 Degrees Marketing Solutions knows how to use online tools to get your message into the local marketplace.  Our Internet marketing services include:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Business Blogging
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Landing Page Development
  • Digital Media Marketing Planning
  • Competitive Market Analysis

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